At Entera Healthcare, we use advanced technology in the health industry, our Telehealth system helps patients takes
vitals and personalized/clinician directed survey.


Skilled nurses provide needed care at home to people who have restricted mobility or are recovering from an illness or injury. Some of the skilled nursing services include:

  • Installation of the Telehealth Device
  • Training for Patient, Family, and/or Caregiver
  • Monitoring of Vitals and Personalized/Clinician Directed Survey Taken by the Patient
  • Daily Review of Electronic Reports Generated from Vitals Taken by the Patient
  • Collaboration with Entire Care Team When Results Fall Outside Set Parameters

Medication Dispenser

1 in 10 hospital admissions for seniors are a result of medication errors.*

Easy-to-use automatic pill dispenser helps maintain the proper medication schedule.

*C.Nananda, J.P. Fanale, P.Kronholm, "The Role of Medication Non-Compliance and Adverse Drug Reactions in Hospitalizations of the Elderly," Archives of Internal Medicine, 150 (1990):841-845